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Dog Boarding Facility You Can Trust Leduc, Edmonton and surrounding areas

Why burden your neighbours with the responsibility of your dog when you can find a reliable dog boarding facility near you? Yes, you read that right! Country Kennels offers a comfortable and fun dog boarding facility south of Edmonton so that you can enjoy a stress free get away, knowing that your dog is being taken care of.


We understand it is hard to leave your loved one behind. When you leave your dog at our facility south of Edmonton, you do not have to worry about anything. We value safety and comfort for every one of our guests. You can also rely on us if you have to leave in a hurry for an emergency.


Complete Dog Care

Our pet care providers are always ready to help you with your dog. We will look after your pet’s morning playtime, nap time, regular cleaning, daily exercise and appropriate feeding. With Country Kennels, there is no hassle. We ensure your dog gets a spacious, temperature controled (infloor heating or air conditioning) kennel with a large fenced attached outdoor run to ensure their comfort. They will be given time every day to play in one of our 3 large outdoor fields having an individual one on one walk with a staff member or ball play session or group play time.

Country Kennels offers comfortable, homey dog accommodations for your furry family members.

Puppy playing with soap bubbles in summer outdoor

When It Comes to Dog Care, We Are Always There

We adore dogs, and as fellow pet owners, we promise a tail-wagging stay. What’s more?


Your pet will be provided with the opportunity to play and socialize with other guests or have their own individual play yard time and personal walk with a staff member. This will be determined by you dependent on your pet’s personal needs
Guests always have their own cozy indoor kennel with many having an exclusive attached outdoor run
Guests enjoy their private, large fenced exercise yard for a happy playtime
Guests have their individual walk and playtime with our staff member every day

With a high staff-to-pet ratio, our guests get to go outside numerous times throughout the day in addition to a daily walk or play yard time. Our dog kennels, bedding and pets are cleaned throughout the day to keep our facilities hygienic, guests healthy, and pet parents happy at all times. To schedule your pet’s stay with us, get in touch.

Special Dog Boarding With Special Care

Every dog is special to us. Be it a pup, elderly dog, disabled dog or a dog with a high activity level, we never shy away from giving the extra attention they need. We simply care for them all! 

Geriatric and special needs dogs:
Just let us know if your pet dog has allergies, deafness, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, skin problems, blindness, nervousness, shyness, anxiousness, seizure disorders or disabilities. We will ensure that their needs are met.
Stress therapy management:
We will not let your dog suffer from separation anxiety or stress. During their stay at our home away from home, we use a range of stress therapies such as herbal remedies, touch and relaxation techniques or extra time spent with staff playing or cuddling.
Dog medication:
If your dog requires prescription medications in any form (pill, liquid, powder, cream, etc.) during their stay, there will be a $1.50 per day administration charge. In cases where these medications are supplied by the kennel (for diarrhea, stress, etc.), there will be an additional $3.00 per day charge. In addition, injections or special medical needs (i.e. bandaging and wound care) will be charged an extra $3.00 per day according to individual requirement. Treatments $3.00 per treatment (Eye wash, Ear cleaning, tooth brushing, dressing changes, etc…)
Dog vaccination:
The safety of our guests is important to us. Vaccination of dogs (such as Current Rabies, DAPP or DA2PP, Bordetella) is, thus, mandatory. We urge all pet parents to get their pets vaccinated for protective immunity at least a week prior to entering our kennel.
Special diets and raw food:
Country Kennels is very familiar with a raw feeding regimen. We do require some information from you, so we are aware of your dog's dietary restrictions. We will gladly accommodate any needs you have for your dogs. Raw food and wet food feeding $2.50 per/day charge .

We request all pet parents to let us know about all of your dog’s health conditions beforehand. We need all dogs to be in good health before entering our dog boarding facilities. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests. Our management reserves the right not to accept an animal deemed to be a health risk or danger to the staff or other guests of our facility. In case we can help you with any kind of dog boarding prep, vaccination requirements and questions regarding health conditions. Please connect with our team, and we are happy to help.

pet grooming

We Offer Baths and Nail Trims Services for Our Guests

Please note that Country Kennels completes all services in-house. As a boarding facility, we strive to give our guests a stress-free stay and a happy experience. However, in case we feel that the guest is becoming too agitated or aggressive during the bathing or nail trimming process, we reserve the right to discontinue the procedure.

Dog Boarding Rates

(Includes a daily walk or play yard time)

Boarding rates are a daily rate:

  • The day of drop-off is the full day's rate; and

  • The day of departure is:

  • half-day rate if leaving before 11:00 AM

  • full day rate after 11:00 AM

Upon arrival, your pet is greeted and taken for a walk with one of our staff members to begin their vacation.

Number of Dogs, Rates, Holiday/Seasonal Rates

*Statutory Holiday rates apply for long weekends (minimum 3-day stay)

*Seasonal rates apply from:

  • June 15–September 15

  • December 20–January 5 (minimum 3-day stay on weekends)

*Christmas holiday hours: our office is closed on –

  • December 24–26

  • January 1


Leaving Somewhere Urgently?

Don’t worry about your dog being alone. Just send your four-legged friend to Country Kennels, their other home!

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