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Worry-free Cat Boarding in Leduc, Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Cats redefine cuteness. At Country Kennels, we understand that your cat is your baby whom you would never like to leave. But when you are leaving for work, going on holidays, going on holiday, moving, travelling for business, organizing a party or having family or guests stay over who are allergic, you need someone who can take care and pamper your cat as much as you do. Count on us if you are looking for a secure and spacious cat boarding in Edmonton. We offer our guests private space to relax, windows to gaze out, toys along with private playtime, and cat trees to climb. The best part is they are surrounded by friends and get cuddles from our staff often. Reach out to us to book your cat’s stay today.

Here Your Cat Feels at Home, Comfortable and Safe

Not only do we love our furry felines, but we love to show it too! We do this by providing a relaxing and entertaining stay at Country Kennels. We offer the following:


Your cat will never be mixed with anyone else’s
Guests have their own private time to exercise and play in the cat room
Guests get to enjoy an outdoor view with many wild birds to watch
Guests can enjoy one-on-one playtime and cuddles with staff
Guests always have their own spacious indoor kennel equipped with their very own window, perch, cozy bed and litter pan

Litter pans, bedding and guests are cleaned throughout the day to keep our guests comfortable and healthy at all times.

Your Cat’s Well-being Is Our Priority

At Country Kennels, cat boarding is not just about a great stay. We offer some purr-fect perks to give your cat the care it deserves. While cat boarding for the first cat is priced at $20.00 per day, $10.00 per day is charged for each additional cat staying in the same kennel (*GST will be added to the price). You can check out the exclusive cat care services enjoyed by our guests during their boarding experience with us:

Cat medication:
In case your cat is undergoing regular treatment in any form (pill, liquid, powder, cream, etc.), we will take care of every medication at a $1.50 per day administration charge. In case these medications are supplied by our kennel (for diarrhea, stress, etc.), there will be an additional $3.00 per day charge. In addition, injections or special medical needs (i.e. bandaging and wound care) will be charged extra $3.00 per day according to individual requirements.
Cat vaccination:
Your cat's health is important to us, so we request all cat parents to get their cats vaccinated at least a week before entering a kennel. The recommended vaccinations for cats are current rabies and regular annual vaccinations.

We request all pet parents to let us know about all cat health conditions beforehand. All pets must be in good health before entering the cat kennel. This is to ensure the safety of all our guests. Our management reserves the right not to accept an animal deemed to be a health risk or danger to the staff or other guests of our facility.  If we can help you with any kind of cat boarding preparation, feel free to connect with our team.


Personalized Care for Your Cat

When you choose Country Kennels for cat boarding in Edmonton, we will make sure that your pet enjoys playtime with all the care and attention. Here are some reasons that make us a preferred choice for many pet parents:


We have over 30 years of experience in cat care
We provide a safe facility with private kennels for your cats
We offer a comfortable and spacious home-like setting
Our facility is open 7 days a week


Country Kennels is not your typical kennel; we are committed to offering superior cat and dog care services.

Let Us Pamper Your Cat: Cat Boarding Rates

Boarding rates are a daily rate:

  • The day of drop-off is the full day's rate; and

  • The day of departure is:

  • half-day rate if leaving before 11:00 AM

  • full day rate after 11:00 AM

*Statutory Holiday rates apply for long weekends (minimum 3-day stay)

*Seasonal rates apply from:

  • June 15–September 15

  • December 20–January 5 (minimum 3-day stay on weekends)

*Christmas holiday hours: our office is closed on –

  • December 24–26

  • January 1


Let Us Pamper Your Cat

Be it your cat’s diet, health, play, medication or vaccination; we take care of all needs throughout the stay.

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