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Country Kennels is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals everywhere. We’re proud to lend our support to Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue (GEARS) as well as Alberta’s Animal Rescue Transfer Society (ARTS) with their continued efforts to find homes for stray animals.

Our Partnership with GEARS and ARTS

Many animals are running out of time to be adopted by rescue groups and are being euthanized at an alarming rate. Often it is a matter of a day or two before space becomes available within a rescue group, but if there is no place for the animal to go during those few days, they may end up getting euthanized.

GEARS was formed in 2013 to help injured, abandoned, unwanted, and homeless animals in the Edmonton area. GEARS is not a shelter and uses foster homes that provide loving temporary homes with proper care, socialization and training for all of our adoptable dogs and cats. GEARS is non-profit, charitable organization (822791430RR0001) that is run by a passionate community of volunteers and foster homes. GEARS offers spay/neuter vaccination and support for surrounding communities that need assistance with stray dog and feral cat populations.

ARTS is a volunteer organization which offers support to established animal rescue groups within the province. ARTS have temporary holding homes for animals that have been accepted by a rescue group. These homes house animals for up to six weeks, when space becomes available, the animal will then be transferred to a rescue group for permanent placement.

Country Kennels gives money and food donations to many rescue groups yearly and has been looking for ways to further assist these groups in their efforts to help save the lives of many animals. This has brought about our partnership with GEARS and ARTS. Country Kennels will be donating temporary housing, food, transportation and care for these animals while they await placement. All animals are treated with the same love and care that we provide all of our guests. Animals must meet all vaccination requirements upon arrival at our facility to ensure the health and safety of all our guests.

If you would like additional information or want to volunteer, contact ARTS at 780-914-8905 or visit their website.

The following is a list of the many rescues that ARTS and Country Kennels assist:

We encourage everyone to get involved. Contact us for more information on how you can help.

Chris and Belinda believe strongly in helping all animals, especially those less fortunate. They volunteer their kennel space, care services, time and money to improve the lives of all animals. By partnering with ARTS (Animal Rescue Transfer System) an organization that assists many animal rescues throughout the province, they are committed to making a difference each day.


Temporary Holding (Transition) Homes

Dogs and cats often have lengthy stays in pounds while waiting for room in an animal rescue. In many cases, these animals don’t have time to wait for a foster home to open up and are put at risk for being euthanized. In other cases, animal rescue groups monitor strays found out in the country or on reserves, and they provide food and care until such time that a foster home has space.

All rescues have limited foster homes and are often filled. They are left with having to choose which homeless stray or pound animal can be put into foster care and who has to remain out in the cold or in danger of being put down.

ARTS assists these rescues with efforts to accept more animals by offering temporary holding homes (transition homes). These homes hold animals for up to 6 weeks while they await permanent placement within a foster home, or better yet, adoption.

If you have ever considered hosting a foster home but weren't sure about the long term commitment, then this opportunity may be right for you. Temporary holding (transition) homes have a maximum stay of 6 weeks, and many animals are often saved before ever going to a rescue. If you would like to provide a temporary holding (transition) home, or would like more information about the requirements, please contact Country Kennels or ARTS today.

Would You Like to Volunteer in Other Ways?

ARTS offers transport for dogs and cats to vet appointments, adoption events and local rescues throughout the province. Volunteers are needed in many capacities such as providing assistance at events such as Santa pictures, fundraisers, adoption events, etc.

If you’re a compassionate person looking to make a difference, Country Kennels welcomes you to get in touch.

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