Reliable Pet Boarding Services in Edmonton

Leaving a pet behind in a new environment can be a worrisome experience for both pet and owner. So why not alleviate the stress by housing your pet in a home that caters to their every whim? Country Kennels in Leduc provides personalized pet care and pet boarding services in your absence. Our dog and cat boarding kennels are located 30 minutes south of Edmonton in Leduc County.

Daily Boarding Rates

Prices do not include GST.

1 Dog = $29.50 per day, each additional dog is $15.50 (if sharing the same kennel).

1 Cat = $16.00 per day, 2 Cats $24.00, 3 Cats $32.00

Add $0.75 per cup, per day if we supply the food.

All daily walks and play time are included in the rates.

If your pet requires administration of medications or if kennel products are needed there will be an additional $1.00 per day charge. Injection charges are $3.00 per injection.

Boarding Costs

Dog Overnight Boarding

One dog $29.50 per/day

Multiple pet in the same kennel $15.50 per/day

Cat Overnight Boarding

One cat $16.00 per/day

Multiple pet in the same kennel $8.00 per/day

Pocket pets (hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs, etc.) $7.00 per/day

About Our Kennels

We treat your pets as if they were our own. As such, our facility provides all the comforts of home, and then some. Our kennels are concrete block constructed for safety and provide the following features:

  • In floor heating
  • Air circulation system
  • Music throughout the day
  • Night lights
  • Alarm system - monitored by ADT
  • Fire Alarm - monitored by ADT
  • Temperature sensor alarms - monitored by ADT
  • Water sensor alarms - monitored by ADT

Dog Kennels for Every Size

Our small kennels have the same floor space as the large or extra-large kennels. However, our small upper kennels are suitable for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs. because guests need to be lifted into them. Regardless of the breed, we have a space to accommodate each dog properly, including:

  • Medium kennels
  • Large kennels
  • Extra-large kennels and XX-large kennels

Many of our kennels are equipped with in/out runs that permit our guests to enjoy the outdoors during warm weather. Our amenities are designed for their safety, security and recreation. Country Kennels provides:

  • 25 large securely fenced exercise yards constructed with 7' high chain link fencing
  • A 1.5-acre walking field for daily strolls
  • 3 ball yards which are large off-leash areas designated for playing fetch (80 feet x 20 feet) (40 feet x 40 feet)
  • 1 swim yard which is a large off-leash area with a pool for swimming and play (40 feet x 40 feet) used in the summer months

Cat Kennels for All Personalities

The cat kennels each have their own window and perch for our guests to either enjoy the views of the outdoors or to watch the goings on in our office. Playtime is spent in the cat room which has a fireplace, cat tree and additional spaces to climb and explore. Each kennel is equipped with a perch, bedding and litter pan.

Booking Policies

Country Kennels is a highly sought after boarding kennel which often fills to capacity. Due to popular demand, and to better assist in meeting the boarding needs of all our customers, the following policies are in effect:

24 hours’ notice is required for all cancellations. If 24 hours’ notice is not given, a one-day boarding charge will be applied to your account.

No Shows
If you make a booking and do not show up or cancel, a two-day boarding charge will be applied to your account.

Early Returns
24 hours’ notice is required if you are returning earlier for pick up than scheduled. If you do not provide 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged for the full duration of your booking.


To make a reservation, please contact us by phone at 780-986-4664 during regular business hours. All accounts must be paid in full before any future bookings will be accepted. Please have the following information available:

  • Personal information
  • Emergency contact
  • Designated person to pick up pet
  • Dates required

Or, you can always complete the following online registration form and fax to 780-986-0750. We typically book up for long weekends, summer and holidays, so book early!

Emergency Contact Information
Should your pet require veterinary treatment, we need a phone number where you can be reached or an emergency contact person who can make a decision on your behalf. Charges will be at the owner's expense for any medical attention required.

Pets will be released to owners or designates only. Please inform us of who will be picking up your pet.

Things to Bring for Pet Boarding Near Edmonton

Country Kennels supplies all bedding and dishes for the health and safety of our guests. However, to improve the overall enjoyment and safety of your pet’s stay, we request you bring the following items:

  • A written or typed list of your dog's ailments, medications, food intake and other special requirements
  • Your pet's up-to-date vaccination certificate (this information needs to be updated once a year)
  • Your pet's normal food (package a few extra days just in case you are delayed) and favourite treats
  • All dogs are required to wear a soft collar. If a choke chain is required for walks, please provide this as well

Information on Foods and Feeding

It is our experience that pets fare better when maintaining their regular daily diet; therefore, we strongly recommend bringing your pet's food. If you choose to use our food, we provide Kirkland Lamb and Rice (there is an additional cost of $0.75 per cup if using our food). We prepare foods as requested (i.e. add water to food, mix in tinned food with the dry, heat food, mix in supplements or medications with food, etc.). We have a fridge and freezer to accommodate perishable items.

We feed in the mornings and evenings (noon feedings can be administered if required). Food will be left in the kennels and is accessible for pets that prefer to nibble throughout the day or night. Water is always available for your pet and is checked, cleaned and replenished throughout the day. We also accept raw food diets.

How Dog Owners Can Reduce the Stress

Allow plenty of time to deliver your pet to the kennel so you are not in a last minute panic and pushed for time. Your stress will be communicated to your dog, and it is better if they leave you when you are relaxed and happy.

When you leave, try to be jolly and matter of fact, rather than consoling. Negative energy can be sensed by your pet, elevating their stress level.


Contact us today for pet boarding services in Leduc and Edmonton. 

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