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 The whole gang going for a walk, they love to spend time in the walking field during the summer months, watching all of our guests going for their walks. Our guests find them very interesting and enjoy going up and meeting them.

john malcolms pics at the farm 

 murphy  bandit

Murphy and Bandit practicing thier climbing and balancing skills at 3 months old.



These are pictures of our Partridge Silky Chickens they are so cute and such charactors, we love to watch thier antics throughout the day.



Lazy days at the farm!











This is Murphy he is a Nubien Goat he was born on April 13, 2009 and came to live at Country Kennels when he was 4 days old. The owner wanted to use his mom as a milk goat so they started bottle feeding him. So we decided that since we were bottle feeding Bandit and Milly we could certainly bottle feed him as well.

Murphy and Bandit are best buds relaxing in the sun on the back porch.