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Edmonton Boarding Kennel Home Home




The kennels are concrete block construction with:

  • In floor heating
  • Air circulation system
  • Music throughout the day
  • Night lights
  • Alarm system - monitored by ADT
  • Fire Alarm - monitored by ADT
  • Temperature sensor alarms - monitored by ADT
  • Water sensor alarms - monitored by ADT 


  • Small kennels - have the same floor space as the large or extra large kennels, they are called small kennels because we can only put dogs weighing less than 20 lbs. in them because they are upper kennels and our guests need to be lifted into them.
  • Medium kennels
  • Large kennels
  • X Large kennels and XX Large kennels

Many of our kennels are equipped with in/out runs that allow our guests to enjoy the outdoors during warm weather.

We have:

  • 25 large securely fenced exercise yards, constructed with 7' high chain link fencing.
  • A 1.5 acre walking field for daily strolls.
  • 3 Ball yards which are large off leash areas designated for playing fetch      (80 feet x 20 feet) (40 feet x 40 feet)
  • 1 Swim yard which is a large off leash area with a pool for swimming and play (40 feet x 40 feet) only used in the summer months



The cat kennels each have their own window and perch for our guests to either enjoy the views of the outdoors or watch the goings on in our office. Play time is spent in the cat room which has a fireplace, cat tree and additional spaces to climb and explore. Each kennel is equipped with a perch, bedding and litter pan.